After dozens of crimes in the Utrecht region, Dutch police suspects that the Gang of Oss has been revived. Especially in the Lage Weide area the gangs are often active.

The Gang of Oss refers to a turbulent period, in which criminals from Oss, between 1888 and 1934 caused many serious crimes. These included 29 murders, dozens of robberies and burglaries and several hundred arsons ordered. Among the important people involved was Martinus van Berkom, also known as 'The Baron'. When the gang was broken up in 1934, over 160 people were arrested.

The Gang of Oss is said to have been inactive for many years, the last theft being in the late 19th century. Now almost a hundred years later, crimes are being committed using the same Modus Operandi. The police is working with the Regional Unit on an extensive investigation to find out if the Gang of Oss is actually active again.

'Martin is leader in the Utrecht underworld'

“We think that Martin, the great-grandson of Martinus has set up a new gang and is the leader in the underworld of Utrecht," said Henk van Tees, Commissioner of the Netherlands Police.

The Gang of Oss is known for infiltrating existing networks. New evidence has been found that they are using a local courier company. The police would not yet say which company this is. With the rise of buying over the internet, these couriers can get anywhere without too much trouble. An ideal way to transport valuable and illegal items from A to B.

A team of 4 detectives is currently investigating day and night. The police are deploying additional manpower around the Lage Weide.